STB! Season 4 Theme Contest!

Following the release of Season 4, we released one video per week highlighting a theme from the season!  We asked community members to share a personal story related to that theme and each week we picked three people to win our STB! Prize Package!

Be The Change, 2013.

At the 2013 HFA symposium, we partnered up with CJ Wilson's Children's Charities (CJWCC) to motivate & celebrate teens getting involved in their communities this summer.  We asked them to submit videos describing their work, then share those videos with friends and families.  The top three vote-getters win an iPad & a Throw Strikes package courtesy of CJWCC. 


Be The Change Contest Announcement.

CJWCC President Robert Champagne & STB's Patrick James Lynch announce the contest.

Check out our awesome group of teens making a difference!


Matt & his Mom cofounded an organization called Reduce Inhibitor Development. Their mission is to Reduce Inhibitor Development in hemophilia through raising awareness and to encourage research and the implementation of solutions. They also designed a unique clothing line!


Denver committed to helping the hemophilia community by going to the hemophilia walk, and by helping people of all ages become more aware about hemophilia.

The Forbes Family

Meet perhaps the most rowdy bunch of shirtless hemos on this side of the equator.  Sweet gazebo too guys! 


Kaya spends every summer doing great things to raise awareness and research dollars for the Hemophilia community. Her brother and twin sister have severe Hemophilia type A, and she is both a carrier and a brave and loving big sister.


Khaliq is doing great things to raise awareness, legislation and research $$$ for the Hemophilia community. He has severe type A hemophilia and takes intravenous medicine 3x/week to maintain his health. He is super brave and infuses (with butterfly needle) himself!


Trevor has been doing so much for his community, from teaching kid music to raising money for the people of Haiti, to organizing charity basketball tournaments & singing at relay for life.  Check out this dynamic young man!


DarylAnne's adorable little brother Jonas, living with hemophilia, is a constant source of inspiration to her, as she shows off beautifully in this well-crafted video.