Stop The Bleeding! (STB!) is an award-winning comedic, mockumentary-styled web series about a dysfunctional non-profit organization that serves the bleeding disorders community.

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Episodes (from newest to oldest)

Episode 49: Generic Hospital Part 2

Generic Hospital seizes as Spencer’s on-air proposal forces an awkward conversation on marriage, and children. A mesmerized Goose revels in his show’s real-life drama while an insistent Brandon urges him to end the awkward personal broadcast. Will Goose cut the feed? Will Jamie and Spencer come to an understanding? Will someone please finally help Jacqui and Eddie communicate with each other!? Find out on Episode 49 - the Season 8 finale! - of Stop The Bleeding!

Episode 48: Generic Hospital Part 1

Grey’s Anatomy. ER. That one with the guy from Garden State.  Sure, there have been tons of other hospital shows, but never before have we seen... Generic Hospital!  Generic Hospital- STB!’s new, live soap opera- attempts to edu-tain its audience with a story on vWD, getting diagnosed, and the burden carried by caregivers, but a series of misunderstandings leads to hearts getting crossed, glasses getting lost, and a lotta people really confused about a lotta stuff! And of course, through it all, Benny is challenged with keeping Spencer from making a terrible, terrible, like really terrible decision. But can he? Will he? Must he? Find out on Episode 48 of Stop The Bleeding!

Episode 47: And the Nominees Are…

Sheila drops by the HTC to help Slater with “clinic clean-up day,” but chaos ensues when Dr. Young, Jamie, and Tiffani learn about a new bleeding disorders scholarship and heatedly debate which HTC patient to nominate. In an effort to help, Sheila suggests the three candidates come in for interviews, but that only makes things worse! Will the HTC clinicians come to an agreement on a candidate? Will the treatment center actually get cleaned up? Will we ever learn Slater’s credentials as a physical therapist? Find out on Episode 47 of Stop The Bleeding!

Episode 46: Factor of Dreams

Chris Bombardier, the first severe hemophiliac to summit Mount Everest, visits Brandon in a dream, setting him on a quest to create inspiring content for the bleeding disorders community.  Meanwhile, Jacqui puts Eddie in charge of a team-building incentive program where teamwork is rewarded with oh-so-corruptible “bleeder bucks.” Will Eddie effectively manage the chaos-creating new program? Will Brandon succeed at inspiring fellow bleeders? Chris survived Everest, but can he survive a day at STB!? Find out on Episode 46 of Stop The Bleeding!

Episode 45: In the Dark

Sickle cell disease and rare factor deficiencies are about to receive some spotlight when a power outage hits the STB! studio.  A brave search party of bleeders sets out into the dark to find the circuit breaker while onlookers Benny and Nurse Jamie start to bond!  Will the bleeder search party get the power back on? Will Brandon overcome his fear of the creepy basement? Will Benny get a new best friend?! Find out on Episode 45 on Stop The Bleeding!

Episode 44: Let's Get Phsyical (Therapy)

Dr. Young and Nurse Jamie recruit Slater to become the HTC’s new physical therapist on one of their busiest days of the year. It’s a decision they may soon regret as Slater’s unorthodox style clashes with the serious and clinical approach of Dr. Young. Will the comprehensive care team by able to compromise and welcome a new family into the bleeding disorders community?  Find out on Episode 44 of Stop The Bleeding!

Episode 43: The Little Things

Goose is transitioning to college soon. It’s hitting his best bud Ace really hard, so Carol tries to help Ace process his feelings around his friend’s upcoming shift. Meanwhile, Nora’s shifted into seeking her purpose and finds guidance from new mom and artist, Stacey.  Will Carol get through to Ace? Will Stacey help Nora find her purpose? Will Ace’s care package ever be completed? Find out in Episode 43 of Stop The Bleeding!

Episode 42: Do You B'leed In Magic?

“Aging with bleeding disorders” content proves challenging for the group to create, but when Nora’s hemophiliac father shows up for her birthday and reveals he’s a magician called Noah The All Knowing, the group gets to work on producing a magic show!  Spencer, who’s arthritis has him limping around, recruits Benny to rehearse a rival magic show while Slater wrestles with whether or not to throw Nora a surprise party! Will Noah’s magic show hit the airwaves or will Spencer get in the way? Will Slater figure out how best to honor his introverted friend? How many steaks does Benny have in his pants?  Find out on Episode 42 of Stop The Bleeding!

Episode 41: The Ultimate Bleeding Disorders PSA

Benny and Eddie are working on a wildly artsy Public Service Announcement advocating for people with bleeding disorders, just as a young woman with von Willebrand Disease- Sheila- stops by for some disclosure advice and is swooped up as a guest for Stacey’s new talk show! Will Benny and Eddie complete their masterpiece?  Will Sheila get the guidance she was looking for? Can anyone stop Brandon from silent crying? Find out in Episode 41 of Stop The Bleeding!

Episode 40: The Devil Bleeds Nada

Stop The Bleeding! has evolved into a non-profit TV studio and the gang is running the show- literally! Megan's bitten off more than she can do and its affecting her self-care and her relationships with coworkers! Meanwhile, unemployed Goose is struggling to find his place, putting a strain on his relationship with Carol, who's a new STB! intern. Will Megan drive everyone- incliuding herself- crazy? Will Goose find his way?! Is the woods monster still working in Human Resources? Watch "The Devil Bleeds Nada" to find out!

Episode 39: Family Education Day, or "F.E.D." Part 2

It's Family Education Day and there are many things up in the air. Benny made promises to families that he can't keep and Spencer, encouraged by the chaos of the day, enlists Ace to help him find (or create!) problems to fix. Jacqui hustles to keep the event from falling apart, but when the community members express their legitimate frustration with it, the day- and the chapter- are put in serious jeopardy. Can the STB gang band together to save Family Education Day?!

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Episode 38: Community Outreach, or "F.E.D." Part 1

Family Education Day is just around the corner! While the interns can’t wait, it’s clear that Jacqui most definitely can. Realizing that everything is on her plate, as it tends to be at the STB offices, Jacqui enlists the interns to recruit a variety of Hemo families, all of which reply with extreme reluctance. Ace uses his social media prowess to recruit, but will his so-called “Ace Heads” show him some likes IRL? Goose and Brandon tackle the lady bleeders, or do the lady bleeders tackle them? Nora shows off an unexpected romantic side when securing the F.E.D. entertainment and Eddie has one job! One job! But can he handle it? Will Family Education Day be a huge success or a huge mess left for Jacqui to clean up? All this and more on this episode of Stop the Bleeding!

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Episode 37: vWD, or "Tough it Out"

In this second STB HTC episode, a mother daughter duo come to the HTC after the daughter, Sheila, has just been diagnosed with vWD. As Sheila tries to decipher between the known and the unknown, mother, Bernice, fixes everything in site in the office. But is her daughter's vWD something that can just be "fixed?" Dr. Young, Jamie, and this season's new wacky, lovable favorite, Tiffani, guide this new and sensitive family through the process of joining an HTC. All this and more on this episode of Stop the Bleeding!

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Episode 36: Mental Health, or "HoCheeCo"

It's time for Christmas in July at Stop the Bleeding! And that means another Holiday Cheer Competition, or "Ho-Chee-Co!" Everyone brings out their brightest red and green attire and the festivities commence! Spencer does his best Santa impression, Jacqui and Ace & Goose battle over the holiday playlist and Nora helps the consistently happy-go-lucky Slater confront his disconcerting feelings about the holidays. All this and more on this episode of Stop the Bleeding!

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Episode 35: The Inhibitor, or "The Pool Party"

Megan throws a pool party and invites the office! The interns all agree the party is "lit," or something, while the adults have to google what that means. Meanwhile, hemo-mom Liliana accidentally embarrasses her young son Hector during the party, fearing his inhibitor makes the pool too dangerous. Can Nurse Jamie and Dr. Young help Liliana understand how to deal with her son's inhibitor without treating him like a bubble boy?! Will Jacqui ever figure out what "lit" means?! Will Benny accidentally eat a foam pool toy because it kinda looked like a hot dog?! All this and more, on this episode of Stop the Bleeding!

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Episode 34: Bleeding Disorders and Relationships, or "Dating and Disclosure"

When the Stop the Bleeding! team finds out that Goose hasn’t told his new girlfriend Carol about his hemophilia, the group chimes in with all sorts of advice and Goose is forced to decide: to disclose or not to disclose?! Meanwhile, Stacey and Benny decide to break up! They agree that it's time to move on, but when Benny takes the idea of "splitting-up" a little too far, will they still be able to stay friends?? All this and more on Stop the Bleeding!

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Episode 33: Changes, or "Tea and Wigs"

In this episode, devoted to Dr. Young's new HTC, conveniently location next door to the STB offices, we see Young and Nurse Jamie guide a newly diagnosed family through their first HTC visit. Hilarity ensues, this time mostly due to the HTC's new hire, the eternally zany social worker, Tiffany! Will Dr. Young be able to break through to the tough older daughter of this new hemo family?!

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Episode 32: Prophylaxis or, “Yoga Medical Care Action (YMCA)”

Spencer’s converting the STB! office into a hot yoga studio thrusts him and Jacqui into a major conflict, during which Ace sustains an injury that leads to a problematic nosebleed. As the power struggle between Spencer and Jacqui continues, Dr. Young’s treating of Ace’s nosebleed reveals that Ace has fallen off prophy regimen. Neither Ace nor Spencer feel heard, but when they start listening to one another, both young men learn necessary lessons.

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Episode 31: Insurance & Advocacy, or "The Coverage Gap"

There is chaos in the office as everyone is scrambling to understand why they no longer have health insurance. Jacqui prepares the gang to advocate while Eddie takes up a delirious mission to find out why this happened. Who is Monty Premiums, and how can Eddie, who is battling the flu, save the day and get everyone their insurance back?!

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Episode 30: World Hemophilia Day, or "Change Starts Here"

The STB gang has moved their offices from New York City to sunny Fresno, CA! Spencer tries to make everyone in the office, including the new interns from Camp Adonwanableed, understand how people with hemophilia in the developing world lack access to factor and other basic needs we take for granted. Spencer and his right-hand accomplice Benny take some drastic measures to make their point, forcing the office interns into creatively working together to counter the wild tactics - but will they be able to save the office before it’s too late!?

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Will the Talent Show have the magic Spencer has been searching for? Will Jacqui and the Von Willebrand Girls finally be heard? How will the camp react to Brandon's secret mystery act?! All this and more on Episode 29 of Stop the Bleeding! 

Episode 28: TALENT SHOW: PART I 

Will Spencer find out what all mystery acts will be at the Talent Show? Will Slater finally learn to self infuse? Will Stacey ever return to camp?

Episode 27: Carry the Four!

Will Franklin's sage money saving advice resonate with Benny?! Will Dr. Young and Nurse Jamie learn from each other's bedside manners? Will Brandon decide to make it work at camp or join Stacey in the wild? 

Episode 26: Qui Qui Telephone! 

Will Brandon find the illusive Qui-Qui Quay the whole camp is talking about? Will Spencer actually hear anything Jamie is saying or will his love of camp magic get in the way?!  Has anyone heard from Stacey, by the way?  All this and more, on Episode 26 of Stop The Bleeding!

Episode 25: Scavenger Hunt! 

Will anyone be as excited about the scavenger hunt as Spencer? Will Eddie protect Freddy when he gets lost in the woods?! What mysteries will Brandon uncover in the Arts and Crafts Tent?! All this and more, on Episode 25 of Stop The Bleeding!

Episode 24: Self-Infusion! 

Will Franklin save the day from his staycation? Will Slater back up all his talk at the self-infusion workshop? Will anyone notice Jacqui and the VWD girls' protest? All this and more, on Episode 24 of Stop The Bleeding!!

Episode 23: Benzinga! 

Will shy camper Brandon open up to Slater and The Bros? What lengths will Eddie go to prove he can be a good father? Will Benny's extravagant cooking help or hurt Camp Adowanableed? All this and more on Episode 23 of Stop The Bleeding!!

Episode 22: Camp Is Magic! 

Stop The Bleeding! goes to camp for Season 6!! Will Spencer be able to recreate the magic of camp for the rest of the Stop The Bleeding! crew? Will Jacqui ever find her squad? How will Stacey adjust to Benny's newfound celebrity? All this and more on Episode 22 of Stop The Bleeding!!

Episode 21: The Lovely Condition!

Will Eddie's return be triumphant or will Jacqui return-to-sender?! Who's teaching who in Franklin's after school program?! And whatever happened to our fearless time traveling leader???!? All this and more on Episode 21 of Stop The Bleeding!

Episode 20: Someone's Singing!

Spencer's history lesson takes a serious turn, and Franklin seeks advice from the cool dad. Someone's singing, and it's something good, on Episode 20 of Stop The Bleeding!

Episode 19: Right On!

Did Benny's parents really send Spencer hurling through time and space?! What is Catalina Rodriguez, RN doing time traveling?! Will Team Fracqui exist outside of Franklin's mind?! And does Spencer ride a dinosaur??? All this and more on Episode 19 of Stop The Bleeding!

Episode 18: Meet The Parents!

Are Benny's parents *actually* total weirdos?! Will Stacey win Mom's heart with potted plants?! Will Spencer win Dad's respect with his witty banter and refusal to appreciate the history of hemophilia?! And just what is in that dark and spooky garage??? All this and more on Episode 18 of Stop The Bleeding!

Episode 17: Don't Let It Go!

Benny marches into a "super" trap! Team Fraqui gets along?? Spencer makes a difficult on-camera decision!! And Trevor makes a popular song even more awesome!!! All this and more on Episode 17 of Stop The Bleeding!

Episode 16: Crutches.

Spencer watches with envy as new loves and friendships bloom! Benny is forced to act like an adult despite his board game collection and love of NERF! Eddie finds himself in hot water before his new class even begins! Will he tough it out?! Will Stacey cover for her man?! Will Spencer find love in St. Louis?! All this and more on Episode 16 of Stop The Bleeding!

Episode 15: New Trouble.

Spencer is shocked by the real cause of his elbow pain... and his knee pain... and his neck pain... basically his everywhere pain.  But he's not the only one to receive some surprising news! Speaking of surprises, Jacqui has a dozen or so surprises waiting for her, and she is NOT thrilled with them.  Will Benny and Stacey help Spencer, or will they need help themselves?  Will Spencer make peace with his crutches?  And will there by enough pizza for everyone???  All this and more on Episode 15 of Stop The Bleeding!

Episode 14: The Inhibitor!

Spencer prepares the group for a Teen Day Retreat, but his body- and Benny's!- have other plans. Just when the gang thinks they have everything under control, new characters and new crises burst through the door! Will Jacqui and Franklin team up??? Will Spencer and Benny find out they have more in common than they thought??? Will Stacey and Benny find out they have more in common than they thought??? Will Stacey ever get to finish a sandwich??? All this and more on the Season 5 Premiere of Stop The Bleeding!

Episode 13: Fire In The Belly!

Spencer doubts his usefulness until a chance run-in with a well-known community member adjusts his perspective. Will Jacqui help the Price family throw a bake sale for the record books? Will Franklin's impressive golf game salvage his relationship with No-Itch Mitch?? Will an unexpected field trip be enough to brighten up Benny??? Will Arnold finally get to eat some crazy bread???? All this and more on Episode 13 of Stop The Bleeding!

Episode 12: Stuck In The Sand.

Spencer encounters a heartfelt storyteller that stifles his excitement for clowning around while Jacqui, Franklin, and Benny struggle in their own rights. Will Jacqui help Rebecca overcome a common hemo-mom fear? Will Arnold save Franklin from digging even deeper holes with Mitch?? Will Stacey's coaching help instill confidence in a downtrodden Benny??? Will Spencer have trouble using the bathroom in that ridiculous outfit???? All this and more on Episode 12 of Stop The Bleeding!

Ep. 11 Clowning Around.

Spencer dons a new costume to entertain families at Midwest Hemophilia Association's Family Fun Fair, while others in the group attend events all around the country. Will Franklin finally get to interact with a functional adult? Will Jacqui survive an onslaught of hugs and screams?? Will Benny become the hemophilia guru Stacey's set him up to be??? Will Arnold and Mitch start an air guitar band???? All this and more on Episode 11 of Stop The Bleeding!

Episode 10: Free Soaps!

Spencer splits the group up in a search for solutions during National Hemophilia Foundation's Annual Meeting. Will Jacqui find a future employer? Will Stacey mold Benny into a model executive director?? Will Franklin maintain perfect posture while walking backwards on a treadmill wearing business attire??? Will Spencer finally get to the bottom of his tourniquet debacle???? All this and more on Episode 10 of Stop The Bleeding!

Episode 9: Hostile Takeover!

Spencer leads his ragtag crew on an unannounced visit to his insurance company's headquarters so that he can voice complaints about a reimbursement issue. Will their ill-prepared advocacy effort result in anything productive? Will Benny win the quiet game?? Will Franklin's new attitude keep him from another medical crisis??? Will Jacqui smile, at all, eventually???? All this and more on Episode 9 of Stop The Bleeding!

Episode 8: Balanced.

Will Spencer help Franklin find balance? What the heck is balance, anyways!? Will Eddie learn to love and trust Xena and Fillmore!? Will Benny teach us something about his horrifying family history (yes)!? All this and more on Season 3, Episode 3 of Stop The Bleeding!

Episode 7: Zombies In The Lobby.

Spencer Jacqui convinces the group that only one man can save them from Zombie Franklin... SPENCER! Will he return to fearlessly save his friends?! Will Benny's elephant drawings survive the onslaught?! Where is Eddie running to?! All this and more on Season 3, Episode 2 of Stop the Bleeding!

Episode 6: Things Crumble Like A Cheap Donut.

Spencer goes off the grid - will he disappear into nature's vast wilderness?! Will Jacqui have any luck selling vintage Norwegian wedding dresses (long story)!? Will Benny's girlfriend Stacey turn him into the Warhol of elephant drawings (even longer story)!? All this and more on Episode 6 of Stop The Bleeding!

Episode 5: The Face, Pt 2.

Spencer fights for attention in Las Vegas while the team vacations!  A mystery tip leads Spencer to Los Angeles where he meets MLB All-Star pitcher CJ Wilson of the LA Angels, who has some key advice!  Will Spencer listen?  Will Franklin get the girl?  Will Benny get any of it?? 

Episode 4: The Face

Spencer steals an idea from LeBron James of the Miami Heat and forces the gang to help him find a celebrity face for hemophilia. Are sparks flying between two officemates? Will Spencer find his face? Will Benny choke on what is essentially air? All this and more on Episode 4 of Stop the Bleeding!

Episode 3: Pain Management

Spencer hosts a pain management seminar and tries to improvise the entire thing... what could possibly go wrong?! Will Franklin be able to stall his boss long enough to keep Stop the Bleeding! alive? Will Jacqui be quick enough on her toes to save the day?

Episode 2: Fitness

Spencer decides it's time to get in shape! But, his forays into self-training go horribly wrong, and Jacqui decides to call in the big guns! Will "Bubba" whip Spencer into shape? Will Benny find a new whistle (it's a long story)? Will Jacqui find the strength to be a leader, and save Spencer from himself?

Episode 1: Prophylaxis

Spencer thinks he has some bold new ideas for outreach in the hemophilia community, but Franklin wants him to play it safe. Meanwhile, Jacqui's first week in the office is a rocky one, thanks to Benny's antics and Spencer's tantrums. Will their new nonprofit survive?


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