Episode 1: Prophylaxis

Spencer thinks he has some bold new ideas for outreach in the hemophilia community, but Franklin wants him to play it safe. Meanwhile, Jacqui's first week in the office is a rocky one, thanks to Benny's antics and Spencer's tantrums. Will their new nonprofit survive?


Episode 2: Fitness

Spencer decides it's time to get in shape! But, his forays into self-training go horribly wrong, and Jacqui decides to call in the big guns! Will "Bubba" whip Spencer into shape? Will Benny find a new whistle (it's a long story)? Will Jacqui find the strength to be a leader, and save Spencer from himself?


Episode 3: Pain Management

Spencer hosts a pain management seminar and tries to improvise the entire thing... what could possibly go wrong?! Will Franklin be able to stall his boss long enough to kee Stop the Bleeding! alive? Will Jacqui be quick enough on her toes to save the day?


Episode 4: The Face

Spencer steals an idea from LeBron James of the Miami Heat and forces the gang to help him find a celebrity face for hemophilia. Are sparks flying between two officemates? Will Spencer find his face? Will Benny choke on what is essentially air? All this and more on Episode 4 of Stop the Bleeding!


Episode 5: The Face, Pt 2.

Spencer fights for attention in Las Vegas while the team vacations!  A mystery tip leads Spencer to Los Angeles where he meets MLB All-Star pitcher CJ Wilson of the LA Angels, who has some key advice!  Will Spencer listen?  Will Franklin get the girl?  Will Benny get any of it??