Helping Hany is a stop-motion animation series that examines some of the psycho-social components of what it means to be a female with a bleeding disorder. We see our lead character Hannah Braswell (aka Hany) at different stages of her life coming up against various challenges presented to a woman with a bleeding disorder.

Brought to you by Believe Digital in collaboration with the Hemophilia Association of New York & Jacqueline Lefkowitz (PhD, LCSW-R, New York Presbyterian Hospital.

Sponsored through an unrestricted educational grant from Pfizer Hemophilia.

Helping Hany [Ep 1]: Age 7.

In Episode 1, Hany wrestles with the question "Am I normal?" while trying to explain her bruising to her best friend and neighbor, Jeff.

Helping Hany [Ep 2]: Age 14.

In Episode 2, Hany's doctor diagnosis her with von Willebrand disease and gives her some advice on how to manage it.

Helping Hany [Ep 3]: Age 18.

In the third and final episode of the series, Hany gets a nosebleed at prom and has to decide whether to run away, or face living with a bleeding disorder.