@ NHF's 2014 Annual Meeting!

@ NYCHC's 2014 Hemophilia Walk

@ HFA's 2014 Symposium

@ HFA's 2012 Symposium, Patrick produced & directed this video for the teen group.

Believe Digi, the team behind STB!, is also responsible other live programs. Click on the titles below to watch video and learn more about the programs:

Breaking Barriers is a goal-setting and self-improvement workshop for teens with bleeding disorders. Produced by Believe Digi in partnership with the New York City Hemophilia Chapter, sponsored by Pfizer Hemophilia. Learn more by visiting http://believedigi.com/breakingbarriers.

Powering Through is a live speaking series featuring inspiring individuals in conversation with Patrick about the obstacles they've faced in their pursuit of becoming their best selves. Produced by Believe Digi. Sponsored by National Cornerstone Healthcare Services, with support from the National Hemophilia Foundation. Learn more by visiting http://poweringthrough.org.